The Most Popular Fitness Hashtags On Instagram

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Are You Using Instagram’s Most Popular Fitness Hashtags?

t’s no secret that we’re obsessed with Instagram. Whether we’re following celebrity trainers, looking for a new workout (check out 10 ways to use Instagram to get fit), or posting training progress because all those likes are hella motivating, the social media app is a major source of #fitspiration.

With over 400 million users who post over 80 million photos per day, Instagram is an awesome place share your #gains and #goals with a community of like-minded fitness addicts who are cheering for each other.

And while 2015 may have felt like the year of HIIT training and meditation apps, it was also the year for #fitness. Ahead, we’ve got the most used fitness hashtags to help you get 2016 off to a healthy start! (And the Biggest Fitness Trends In 2016 Will Be…)