Perfect Desert Tour in Qatar Now

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Start your journey by moving from your hotel with a 4×4 car for qatar desert safari. The guide will guide you approximately 50 km south near an isolated desert area known as Lahabab. This excellent desert safari site is famous for its high sand dunes and red sand and is found only in this area. When you drive, you will notice the sand color change from brown to red. Once you reach Lahabab, prepare for your guide, which will take you to the rough roads where sand dunes can be smashed in the desert. Spend through sand dunes to watch the luscious desert sunset.

Enjoy an exciting experience in the Arabian Red Desert on an evening safari trip. This 5-hour safari trip includes a barbecue ceremony at a Bedouin-style camp.

Important things

  • Enjoy sand dunes
  • Stop to enjoy the scenic scenery during sunset in the desert
  • Enjoy the beauty ride, sand skiing
  • Pamper yourself with a delicious dinner buffet at a barbecue party in a Bedouin-style camp

Watch Oriental Dance Show

After smashing dunes, you will head for a Bedouin-style camp. When you enter our camp, you will be welcomed with Arabic coffee and fresh dates. You have the opportunity to explore many activities within the camp. Ride the beauty, relax and smoke the hookah, take your picture in traditional Arabic costumes and enjoy henna painting. A buffet dinner will be served during an Arab barbecue in the camp. We will end the trip with an oriental dance show as well as a skirt dance.

There is a special safari jeep to go for Desert Safari, whose driver has to take a special driving license to run on that desert (desert). Journey to the desert area starts when it is about 30 kilometers away from Dubai. A halt comes before that train, where tourists buy some food items, Arabic throats and other memorable collectibles like Burj Khalifa, models of ‘At the Top’ or other things. The 25-minute Desert Safari’s journey is absolutely thrilling and awesome. The one who has to feel more adventures should sit on the driver’s seat. All the rides sitting in front or back have to be bound to seat belts.

Life on Qatar

As soon as the Jeep rises on a sandy mound, it has to descend at all. The path of sand dunes and ditch is completely straight and not completely straight. It seems the driver is able to barely save the jeep that is falling. The man jumping on the sand spins for several minutes and occasionally slips and turns backwards. Sitting passengers laugh with shouting other than dune bashing in qatar.

You can arrive on the floor, enjoying Arabic dance and eating fun. Welcome to a stage made of colorful awning in the evening light coolness. On the sand, thick carpets and rounds and square pillows are mounted on which you can sit comfortably and spread your hands and feet. Hut-stalled stalls are built around the banquet made of grass-bamboo around the stage, where tea, coffee, a variety of syrups, pakodas, kebabs are ready for your sake.

  • With the fun of eating and drinking it starts with ‘Tanura’ dance. The dancer use to wear colorful heavy cloth round and round till the end, but many of the dances of the dance get hidden within that round. He makes several shapes from the dufflined lid in his hand.
  • After that stays a delicious dinner and ballet dance. The dancer dresses in a very brightly colored garment and she was dancing with great self-confidence among the audience.
  • Because the prohibition of dancing and dancing had already been announced the ladies and men sitting close to the stage enjoy this dance. There is no need to pass through the same stormy way while returning. A paved road can be returned to Dubai.

Not a high-strings race in Arab countries: Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Syria’s capital city, Damascus, anywhere, religious buildings do not hear the loud Ajan competitions. So, these Arabs are Muslim, and Islam’s largest religion is neither built on mosque nor stepped-down, nor is it pronounced Ajan by an all-round mike. Today, these countries have so much money that if they want, they can bring the sound of the hajj to any street in the street with any unsurpassed technical facilities.

It is not that the voice of Hajana does not hear it here but it is so controlled that neither will disturb the sick of any sick nor will disturb the attention of any student. Now these countries are also trying to get in line with developed countries and all types of professionals work here. Duty of many people is shifted to the night; they have to take sleep during the day.