The Hottest Wearable Tech for Health and Fitness

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Written By DonaldMoon

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Apps, gadgets, clothing, websites, and social networks have firmly rooted themselves in our daily workout routines, and wearable tech will only continue to become a greater fitness presence, as it’s estimated that in the next three years consumers will be using more than 250 million such devices.

There’s already more than enough wearable tech out there to choose from, and these five are some of the top products. But remember, the best technology is that which serves its purpose to improve or enhance your life but stays out of your way while doing so.

Garmin Vivofit Activity Tracker
This type of wearable gadget is what most people gravitate toward. The Garmin Vivofit activity tracker (shown) officially launches in the next couple of months. You can track food intake, calories burned, steps, intensity, sleep, and more with this fitness band. As these devices have only been around for a few years, they’re still in their infancy and will only get better from here.

Zackees Turn Signal Gloves for Cyclists
In a completely different category from the multitude of activity trackers available, the Zackees Turn Signal Gloves are designed with cyclists’ safety in mind. If you spend any amount of time pedaling down city streets, you’ll appreciate the added visibility these gloves provide to oncoming traffic. They feature bright LED lights that indicate your intentions for drivers and pedestrians around you. As you’d expect, they also serve as protection for your hands and give added grip for times when the weather is less than ideal.

Google Glass and Recon Jet Smart Glasses
Yet another category of wearable tech: heads up display glasses. While their form gives you a somewhat nerdy appearance, their function is something everyone can appreciate. The two top contenders, at least so far, are Google Glass and Recon Jet. Both integrate with third-party fitness apps (like this zombie run fitness app for Google Glass) to help you view your workout data as you go; provide navigation directions if you’re walking, running, biking, or hiking a new path; and display important notifications from your phone. Look for more heads up display glasses to emerge as the technology behind them continues to improve.

Sensoria Smart Shirt and Smart Socks
We’ve covered wearable tech for your wrist, your hands, and your face. The last category is probably most akin to what you’re already familiar with: your garments. Startup Sensoria manufactures and sells smart socks, t-shirts, and sports bras that communicate with a free smartphone app to track your speed, distance, calories burned, altitude, cadence, foot landing technique, and weight distribution while you walk or run. The fitness t-shirt has an integrated heart rate monitor that can provide data to Sensoria’s app or your favorite fitness apps for enhanced tracking data.