Tennis Coaching Tips – Coaching Young Children

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Written By DonaldMoon

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There are numerous ways you may be successful teaching kids to play with tennis. You have to make it fun. Make your sessions fun by enjoying with all types of games. Challenge them to reach 5 balls without hitting the web. Give them points for hitting on areas of the court. For accessing it over the 21, 1, 5 points for near the baseline, 3 to the support line. If they’re not that skilled and give them points for making influence and they’re missing it or hitting it rewards them.

Don’t be overly worried about getting your tennis player use technique that was ideal in the beginning. Focus on keeping them moving. Have them go side and on a diagonal. Have the whole time hopping. Make sure you aren’t being critical and that they aren’t standing around. As they might have difficulty making contact if they’re a beginner don’t feed balls. Have them run to you and drop the ball and have them hit on it. This gives them confidence and makes it a lot easier.

Initially, rather than having them play at the court that is whole have them play in the service boxes. Like a field the tennis court looks for a child and they can get lost in that large an area. The USTA (United States Tennis Association) has recently started a program for 10 and under tennis in which they set up a smaller court. Four courts can be installed on a single sized tennis coaching. The program uses balls, racquets and nets. This lets the kids play on a court. They have a good deal more fun on the courtroom and will create their game a lot faster. Do not force your child to play and have the courtroom is left by them in their terms. Some days they won’t need to play and they might want to play all 20, some days. Let them grow at their own speed.

Keep it fun, do not worry about their strategy, have them perform a court that is smaller, and do not force them. Your child will develop and keep these things in your mind and have a much more healthy state of mind.