What are the different types of hockey sticks?

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While you’re a hockey athlete, your stick is like your greatest colleague! In this hockey stick guide, we will make you fully acquainted with your shortly to be best colleague!

Hockey sticks, like skates, are supposed to be one of the common essential and special pieces of equipment for athletes. Although you may only have the puck on your stick for a several seconds at a time while a game, you wan’t to make them count! With a stick there are a number of variables like the company that does it, the make and model, the weight, substances, height, flex, curve, lie and flex spots. All of these features of a hockey stick will rely a small on your playing way, weight, height and location and a little bit on individual preference. Let’s start off with the various types of kookaburra hockey sticks.

Types of Hockey Sticks

There are different types of sticks to pick from since they’re made out of a mixture of materials. The various common material is carbon fiber, or a mix of carbon fiber and different materials although you can still find wood, fiberglass or perhaps even a used aluminum stick. There are including one and two-piece sticks possible although one piece are the usual common.


Wooden hockey sticks are typically the tiny expensive, although the most affordable wood sticks aren’t that great. They are excellent for an entry-level player on a statement, but for the price of a quality wood stick you could possible find a low to mid-range composite stick on sale for around the same price. People who still use wood sticks apparently do so because they’re cheap, or favour the feel.

Types of Sticks:


These are typically wooden sticks that are strengthened for power by a fiberglass coating or wrapping. These were all the rage years ago as a higher technically improved wood stick, however they aren’t trendy now.


Aluminum sticks meant the first non-wood hockey sticks to convert popular. The shafts are built with aluminum while replaceable composite or wood blades are inserted into the shaft. The sticks were brighter and more durable than fibreglass and wood, but not as information as Kevlar and graphite. In my last 10 years of Men’s league hockey I’ve noticed one or two aluminum sticks. No organisations currently make them, and no pro athletes use them.

Carbon Fiber

Most high-end sticks will be 100% carbon fiber. The majority of hockey sticks on the market now are made of each 100% carbon fiber, or a mix of carbon fiber and some extra material. The more affordable sticks will usually be carbon fiber and fiberglass.


Kevlar is typically associated with other materials or attached as a layer to strengthen a certain part of the stick.