How Technology is helping people deal with winters

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Written By DonaldMoon

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It’s almost 2017. Technology has taken over like never before. Not just limited to phones, laptops and music devices, technology is a part of every one of our products now. Even Bluetooth Beanies with headphones.

And sometimes technology helps deal with seasons as well. While caps with fans were a huge rage during people’s childhoods, today’s technology means you can create every product with a bit of high tech thrown in. We have had fitness watches, heart beat monitors and even USB cup warmers! So enter, ‘Bluetooth Beanies’ which are warm knit beanie hats but with inbuilt headphones thrown in. Meaning you can not only just keep your head and ears warm during the chilly nights, you can also take calls, speak into them or listen to music without using hands or wires! These Bluetooth Beanies have been taking the world by storm, especially the 20-30 age groups for whom this isn’t just a piece of garment and wearable tech, but also a product worth showing off. We could imagine someone being known as “That dude, with speakers in his hat”!

Beanie hats are available on most ecommerce sites for as little as $15 apiece. Slightly higher end ones go upto $50.

I found one on for about $15 and so far have been loving it. Best part is you can remove the Bluetooth part and wash them normally like a regular beanie.

Technology is helping me deal with winters. Just as well, after all after all those people I alienate because I’m addicted to my tech, the warm hugs and cuddles are going away too.