Know About Essential Tennis Equipment

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Tennis is also known as lawn tennis. It is a popular international racquet-and- ball sport that is played for recreational and competitive purpose. This can be played indoor as well as outdoor and consists of two players or a team of couple players that hit a rubber ball with the help of their racquets. There is net in between that divides the teams from the middle of the court. The court plays a significant role in this game.

Initially tennis was the game for aristocrats and was known as Court Tennis in USA, Royal Tennis in Australia, Jeu de Paume in France and Real Tennis in Great Britain. There are certain fundamental rules of this game but just like any other sport you need some basic tennis equipments to play this game effectively. Given below is the list:

Racquet: It is one of the most important tennis equipment to play this game. Today market is filled with variety of racquets for professionals as well beginners. There are major brands that specialize in manufacturing equipments.

They have everything that you need to improve the game of tennis. It is game that requires lot of stamina therefore the modern tennis racquet for an adult would be of dimensions 27″ to 27.5″. While choosing a racquet the following things have to be kept in mind like the head size, grip size, flex, length, sting patterns, weight and balance.

Tennis bag: This is important because you need a storage place where you can carry tennis equipments to play the game. Apart from being durable it should be portable also so that you can carry it everywhere without any hassles. Apart from physical stores there are online stores that sell tennis accessories. With the click of mouse you can select the product of your choice or order online.

Tennis shoes: These should not only be comfortable but court specific since the compatibility and conformity differs from pair to another. Like any other apparel make sure that your feet are protected. The toe area should have better protection than any other part of your foot as most of the tennis players use their toes for foreground grand strokes.

Nowadays tennis shoes come with special shock absorbers as well moisture absorbing mechanisms. Since this game requires a lot of sudden movement so make a wise decision of buying good shoes that will support and protect your feet.

Tennis clothing: This has undergone a complete metamorphosis than what it as several years back. Today tennis players have designer tennis apparels to suit their style and personality.

Most of the tennis shop stock up everything from boys’ tennis apparel, girls’ tennis apparel, neck tie coolers, ladies tennis apparel, men tennis apparel, stocks, caps, head gear to sweat bands.

Tennis ball machine: This is used by professionals as practice equipment. It helps players to handle all sorts of shots and practice footwork that their opponent might use. They come in different shapes and are great help.

Tennis Ball: This comes in different colors which can be green, yellow, white that is approved by USTA (United States Tennis Association). This has fixed size, deformation and weight.