How to get the best car rental in Cayman Islands?

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When you are looking for a relaxing vacation and you have long yearned for it, you need to search for a place that provides exotic beach, great food, historical monuments and peaceful nights. Looking for a beach vacation is definitely not a difficult one, but when you are searching for an exclusive place that will provide you with all those things you ever wanted, it could be a tough choice. Located in the middle of the Caribbean Sea and on the north of Panama and the east of Mexico, Cayman Islands is no less than a paradise for people who love the sun, sand and all the fun associated with it. So let us check out all the things that you can do while you are at Cayman Island.

About the islands

Tucked away in the Caribbean Sea Cayman islands consist of three islands – Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. While Grand Cayman is the most populated island and the hotspot for tourists and home to majority of the residents, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac offer a peaceful and serene place offering charming and scenic locales with clean and virgin beaches. So this group of islands actually offers you a complete package for a beach vacation. And to go about in these islands the best mode of transport is getting aCaribbean car rental.

Grand Cayman – Being the biggest island among the three Grand Cayman is the hotspot of tourists. The famous Seven mile beach lies on the west side of this island. However, most interestingly this crescent shaped beach is less populated than any other Caribbean beaches despite the fact that the island gets maximum number of tourists each year. While you are at this island the best way to travel around it is using seven-mile beach car rental. The car rental is very popular here in the Cayman islands and with this particular car rental you will be able to get affordable rates and trustworthy chauffeurs to drive you around. Apart from the Seven mile beach you can visit a lot of exotic places like George Town, Stingray City, Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Park, Wreck of the Ten Sail and much more.

Little Cayman – This is the smallest of all Cayman Islands. It is also the least developed or urbanized among the three. However this virgin island is a great place for tourists who would love some peaceful and serene beaches and unspoilt nature to relax in. The island has a population of less than 170 people. But the untouched topical beauty and the natural solitude will help you unwind and rejuvenate in the most perfect way. The only mode of transport in this island is done by Little Cayman car rental services.

Cayman Brac – If you are looking for some solitude and a vast wide blue sea in front of you the Cayman Brac is the place. Cayman Brac also offers low key diving hiking and other adventure sports for tourists. You must hire car rental Cayman Brac to go around the island.


Car rental mistakes to avoid in Cayman

While the Cayman Islands are known for their calm and peaceful environment, you may find it difficult to deal with the car rentals. While in the islands you should always negotiate beforehand about the fares in order to be safe.