National Parks to choose for your road trips

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Are you a fan of scenic drives? If your answer was an instant yes, then you have to consider planning a road trip to some of the world’s most famous National Parks. Even though it might sound boring to drive around woods and nature, it can actually be a very relaxing activity to go for at the end of the week. The car you are driving also matters. Why? The answer is quite relevant: the comfort and power it offers will allow you to enjoy the driving experience to the max. Regarding luxury cars, Edmunds says about the Audi A4 that it is a perfect vehicle for long rides. Each person has different opinions and depending on your very own requirements and desires you should choose what car you use for traveling. See below the list of some National Parks worth visiting.

Arizona – The Grand Canyon National Park

This is not a long road trip, given the fact that The Grand Canyon National Park takes no more than 6 hours to reach from one end to another, which is really convenient if you live in the area and you are up for some breathtaking sceneries. Witnessing the amazing views of the South Rim is an experience you won’t ever forget and the pictures you will take here are going to surprise each and every friend and family member. Everyone knows at least a little bit about The Grand Canyon and its vernal forests, so it would be a shame not to experience it yourself when living near-by. Arizona has a lot to offer.

Virginia – Shenandoah National Park

Widely known for the Skyline Drive, this is a destination you simply cannot miss. The Shenandoah National Park is located on the Blue Ridge Mountains in the US. You should be prepared to admire the incredible forests, the active wilderness, the unstoppable streams and so on. When going to Virginia, you should know that nature should be your very best friend. Even a bear might show up in your journey and make your road trip more interesting than it already is.

Maine – Acadia National Park

If you are a fan of the ocean, go for Acadia. It is one of the most beautiful drives in the whole world and it is going to captivate you instantly. You will be able to admire the blue ocean next to the amazing forest and the dark granite ledge. You won’t find this sort of scenery in no other place. You can also visit the Mount Desert Island in the vicinity of this location.

Oregon – Crater Lake National Park

Do you want to experience something entirely new? Then you should select Crater Lake as your next road trip destination. This location is entirely surrounded by hills and forests. It is just a three-hour drive and it is shaped like a loop. Don’t forget to appoint your road trip during a period without snow, since the road is closed due to snowfall in certain months.