Great things you can do while in Firenze

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Have you decided to spend your holiday in Florence this year? Good for you! This is an amazing place to see, and to spend a vacation with your family. Millions of people visit Florence every year, and in case you have not seen it before, you should know that its historic center is not very big, but it captivates visitors with its beauty. But you should know that there are also other things you can do, because Florence is well-known for the great sights it offers. You should not forget to include on your list the art galleries, even if you are not a big fan of art, because there you will have the possibility to admire some of the works of the greatest artists of the world, and you will not have this chance in any other city of the world. If you do not want to stay in Florence because you consider it too expensive, you can stay in Fiumicino, and you can travel to Florence during day. Do not forget to search for transport options Firenze Fiumicino, because it is important to know the schedule to plan your vacation.

Visit the city’s contemporary side

Florence is well-known for the classic sights it offers, but as every town, it also has contemporary parts, which amaze the eye, with their modern art. The bars, restaurants and hotels, designed by both international and local artists, bring a great contribution to the contemporary side of the town. Therefore, you should include on your list Rex Café, Astor Café and Gallery Hotel Art.

Explore the hills of Florence

If you want to discover the hidden beauty of Florence, then you have to explore its hills. The hills of Fiesole, where is located the Villa il Palmerino, offer one of the most interesting cultural experience of Italy. There you will find the Associazone Culturale il Palmerino, which was founded by Federice Paretti, that organizes different cultural activities to the villa. This association offers cultural programs, concerts and lecturers for the ones interested. Also, in the afternoon, you can visit the property, and admire the English gardens. In case you want to eat lunch or dinner there, you will taste wine and vegetables from the villa’s organic vineyard and kitchen garden.

Have a glace of ice-cream

While in Florence, you should forget about your diet and taste their amazing ice-cream. Once you have entered the door of Grom, you will know that this is the only ice cream from the Earth you would want to eat. It is considered the best gelateria from Florence, but many would say that there you can taste the best ice cream from Italy. They have monthly specials, which may be fresh mint, refreshing milk, or delicate matcha. For example, in the winter months, they offer zingy ginger or marrons glaces, while in the summer you can delight yourself with mint varieties. They are famous for the Crema di Grom, which is made with organic eggs, and for the Valrhone Ecuadorian chocolate.