18 Days Discover Indo China Tour

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There are lots of short and long tours that are available for many different types of places to enjoy. These are definitely those in which one can balance out their enjoyment and discovery time as well. Viet Bamboo Travel is one of the most famous and oldest experienced ones as they actually know the land very well. They offer the very best detailed and multiple city tours that can be managed in different budgets of all. These can be known at Vietnam Cambodia Laos Travel.


Out of the many tours available for the area, the 18 days Discover Indochina tour is very well favored by people of all ages and classes. This is because it has just the perfect number of days in it. It has the following highlights, advantages, and extra features that others don’t have or offer. They are given as follows:

  • A professional guide is always available right with you for everywhere you go. This way we make sure that you are well connected to everything and every place you visit. This helps you to have an informative and enjoyable trip at the same time
  • There is also a native speaker who lets you make the most of your trip so that you can exchange language and do shopping or anything you want with all the ease and comfort you need
  • The entry tickets of all famous, attractive, and tourist’s spots are already included in the package so you don’t have to add any expensive expenses alongside
  • They also include perfectly comfortable transfers from one city to another with domestic tickets too
  • These best days also have indicated breakfast, lunches, and sometimes even dinners included in the tour
  • There are lots of unusual and exciting activities planned for you in advance. You already have an itinerary so that you know exactly where you shall head and what you shall enjoy as well
  • Despite all comforts and attractive features, the price is surely very reasonable and lesser than all others in the market. This price is surely guaranteed by them
  • They are well experienced and know the best places that can be enjoyed at the right time and with the right amount of days needed for each city as well
  • They offer welcome protocols like welcome drinks, perfectly private pick and drops from and to the airport. This is the reason why you don’t need to worry about reaching or leaving the place too.

There are lots of different combinational varieties and attractions which include the following:

  • My Tho Town visit in Tien Giang Province with boat trips and Mekong River expeditions to farmer’s house and gardens etc. It also includes exclusive bee raising farm, coconut candy places besides historic and cultural temple visits and night life city experiences
  • The palace visits and museum discoveries are also a great way to explore the region. There is absolutely no one who won’t be moved by the cathedrals besides the huge and varied markets and streets for shopping.


There are lots of other details while they can be found at Vietnam Cambodia Laos Travel page if you want to enjoy it all soon.