Golf Betting Tips: An Expert Strategy

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Golf is unique from other sports you can bet on; typically, games are between two teams and the one who accumulates more points, runs goals or has the better shot total wins. But golf features over 120 players at any one time with the objective being to shoot the lowest number of shots over four rounds; though this goal remains constant each week, the details of each event vary.

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Each week, when the PGA Tour visits various golf courses across America, there is a different focus. On one week at Bethpage Black, driving distance will be paramount and players like Brooks Koepka or Dustin Johnson who can hit balls up to a mile in a single shot will be among those to watch out for. At Royal Portrush and Royal Portrush however, attention will shift towards those players who possess proficiency with clubs in windy conditions. As each PGA Tour event changes each week, so too do its characteristics and who is eligible to compete.

Matchups in tournaments provide an excellent way to earn money without waiting for your player to beat one of 120+ golfers participating. While I understand that most golf betting bettors focus on hitting outright winners, which can be done for any sport, you could potentially make a significant number of winners and increase your bankroll by conducting research and trusting your instincts.

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Head-to-Head Golf Wagering Rules

Head-to-head golf wagering has relatively straightforward rules that you don’t have to follow. Most websites that offer golf betting state that if both teams have an unbeatable score at the end of an event, those bets are considered inactive – meaning you don’t make or lose money in this instance.

If a golfer does not start their round prior to the start of the first, head-to-head matchups between players are considered no action and must be forfeited. On the other hand, if two golfers tee off in round one but one leaves later than expected, the bet remains in effect; those betting on who was dropped must forfeit their stakes.

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When picking an individual winner, I take into account a variety of factors. One major one is tournament history and current forms. Furthermore, whether there may be weather-related issues during the duration of the event is also taken into consideration.

Head-to-Head Betting Tips: Areas To Really Examine

Course History

As expected, the history of a course plays an integral role in deciding whether you enjoy or disdain betting on head-to-head matches. Some players adore certain courses, while others find them unsuited to their style or lack the stamina for longer ones. No matter the reason, when placing a head-to-head wager it should always be the first box checked – the course history. Bubba Watson at TPC Highlands (where the course has won three times before) can be an advantageous bet against players who haven’t had much luck on these courses recently. The course history is invaluable for any golf course, particularly ones with annual tournaments like The Masters. Experience on the course is invaluable for any golfer aspiring to compete, as it teaches them which areas to avoid when making a bad shot and where their ball should land in order to ensure proper positioning. Tiger Woods excels at Augusta because he can view every square inch of it from his bed while sleeping.


Player Form

It’s pretty straightforward. Like baseball, if an athlete’s confidence drops it will take time before they make contact. Golf also works similarly in this regard – if one isn’t in top form and in good shape, everything from playing the fairway to dropping three-foot putts becomes difficult. Golf is highly mental game; confidence can be built or destroyed within minutes of beginning play.

It’s essential to understand how golfers approach an event. Are they feeling confident after their big performance the previous week? Will they put in a strong performance during Sunday rounds? To qualify for another tournament later on in the year, do they need either victory or top 10 finish? There are many possibilities and questions you can ask to identify what kind of mindset each golfer will enter the competition with.

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All we can do is use statistics and our eyes to make educated guesses. From time to time, golfers will surprise us all and leave everyone looking silly – there’s nothing anyone can do about it except enjoy the spectacle. Unfortunately, this does not always occur, leaving little scope for action on your part.