Tyceno Net Worth 2022

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Tyceno, a YouTuber and streamer on Twitch, is well-known for his NBA 2k video game. His YouTube channel and live streams earned him fame and many followers. His gameplay was so popular that people started sharing it. This is how his channel grew quickly.

This article will provide a quick overview of everything you can find about the gaming superstar, from his childhood to his net worth.


He was born 25 September and is now 24 years old. He is one the most popular YouTubers and one of the youngest YouTube stars. Libra is his zodiac sign. He is a huge fan of NBA players so his Instagram account is full of photos of them and quotes from the NBA.

Early Life and Family

He is very private and keeps his family and personal life a secret. This makes it difficult to know anything about his siblings or parents. It is not known if he is married or what his girlfriend is like. Many sources claim that he is single. He doesn’t have any dating records. He has been into gaming more since childhood.

He was a young man who worked in a court case writing and typing job. Later, he quit the job because he hated it.

His education was not in college, but he did finish High School. The institution is unknown.

His Career and Major Milestones

After quitting his job as an editor, he started his career when he was 18. He also opened a YouTube channel and began uploading video games. Later, he started streaming his gameplay via Twitch. He has over 1 million YouTube subscribers and hundreds of thousands of views each day.

He has over 500 million followers on Twitch. His videos are often viewed multiple times per day by his fans.

  • These are a few things you didn’t know about Tyceno
  • You might be surprised at how many things you don’t know about him.
  • He is one the most famous YouTube stars.
  • The public is not aware of his true name, Sharaz Aslam.
  • Twitch was his platform for streaming. He streamed 7 hours straight once.

Numerous brands have offered to sponsor him and asked for his promotions. Xbox and other companies have provided him with the latest products while he streams or uploads videos related to them to his channel.

Net Worth

Although his net worth is unknown, several sources claim that it ranges from 1 million to 1.5million dollars. His income comes mainly from YouTube ads, live streaming on Twitch, and other sponsorships and paid promotions.