Things to Consider Before You Pop The Question

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Written By DonaldMoon

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Love and relationships are sometimes taken as the road that needs to have a destination. You may simply hop on to your ride thinking we will see how it goes and out of nowhere, you think of it as getting nearby and the time has come when you either need to take a detour or keep rolling forward putting an end by popping the question with all the surprises planned.

While many of us unsure of what future holds for us, some are completely certain about the choices they’ve made. However, if you both to either of these two groups, there are important things you need to keep mind before you pop the question of your life.

  1. Certainty

There’s something called being certain and something called rushing into it just because your partner feels like. You need to be certain, like 100% or maybe 1000%. This should be analyzed when in the downs of a relationship too. Are you comfortable sharing and making them a part of your life when it going off the track. Don’t let friends, family or your partner influence your decision as it needs you, nobody else.

  1. Intuition

The heart will always come in between and you and your intuition. When your heart is paving the path for the relationship to go forward, it is your intuition to whom you should listen. The feelings when you are unsure of something, the scare that comes from within that ceases your world and stops you from proceeding further is when intuition comes into play. Not necessarily the negatives, when you and your intuition are on the same side, the world seems to fall in place just awesomely.

  1. Goals and Dreams

Also, it is highly mandatory that you sit with your partner and discuss your dreams and ambitions. Sometimes, the expectations are really high and it seems that you two are just on the same page. Like earlier, it was just Valentine gifts for boyfriend or girlfriend, now it is exorbitant, luxurious gifts! Think it through before you step into the vow of togetherness with true revelation of dreams and wishes.

  1. Financial Status

Often, luck doesn’t support us completely. It Is our financial status that stops us from going further and put an end to it. Thoroughly go through your bank account and your future plans and see if things are just right for you and your partner dreams. Like, will be it be possible to fulfill their dreams like you both imagined and wished.

  1. Social Life and Pastimes

You and your partner need to have a happening social circle. Friends and family somehow makes a big difference and effects your married life. In the moments of high and low, they uplift you.

Also, indulging into a recreational activity is what you should consider looking into your partner. A person with ambitions and passions is sure to keep things happening and sound.

Once you are done with these, you can give yourself some time and decide wisely.