FIFA 22: A New Concept for the Popular Football Simulation

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It’s safe to say that FIFA titles are the games that attract the most media attention each year, but are also the most vulnerable to criticism.

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Although some titles were revolutionary in the field, others were deemed worthless or bad, it is clear that critics will continue to look at the FIFA series with a magnifying glass.

EA Sports seems to have adopted a new approach for FIFA

Recently, FIFA has come under fire for its insistence on the purchase of the same game every year, but with updated transfers. The way that FIFA plays and the modes it uses are also unchanged. EA Sports, whose reputation for developing sports simulations is equal to that of e.g. NetEnt is responsible for developing casino games at The changes that EA Sports announces with the new FIFA title are often negligible to gamers. This has caused fans to question their decision to switch to the PES franchise and to feel the same feeling year after year.

FIFA 22 appears to be the title that finally brings something new to the series. Although it cannot be said that FIFA 22 has been compacted, and there are obvious flaws to the game, we could be witnessing EA Sports’ new approach towards FIFA. This is an attempt to elevate the football simulation to a higher level.

The Look of the Game – The First Thing that Excites Right Away

The first thing that every football fan and gamer will notice about FIFA 22 is its look. FIFA 22 looks great, regardless of what platform it is being played on (especially the Xbox Series X console). Everything got a new visual aspect, from the stadium and turf, to the players and weather, as well as the incredible details on the field. The presentations, such as the players walking out onto the pitch, are particularly impressive. You really feel like you’re watching a football match on TV.

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The game includes special animations. These animations often feature football stars or other famous players, who are frequently in the spotlight and most expected to be there on the pitch. EA Sports confirmed that the game’s visuals have seen an increase of just over 4,000 animations.

HyperMotion Technology

HyperMotion technology, which has made many improvements to FIFA’s gaming experience, is the foundation of many of the changes. With HyperMotion technology, the movements of the balls and players have been synchronized on the field to bring them closer to real life. Machine-learning algorithms can download almost 8.7 million patterns from players to better depict their activities and interact with each other.

The physical aspects of sprints, ball touches, and duels are more intense, so you will feel the intensity. The AI of the players on the field has been enhanced to better understand their opponents’ tactics, defenses and movements. Attacking players can now make six times as many decisions per second and are more aware of the pitch. They are able to be more positioned without the ball, and can do more useful sprints using the “Explosive Sprint” mechanism. This makes it easier for the defender to get around them.

Ball Control is closer to reality. With improved cooperation in defense, the back row of players now behaves more like an operational unit with a logical positioning. The ML-Flow algorithm is a real-time animation that makes it easier for players to adjust their movements and control the ball. You can also see how attackers and defenders react to pressure, retreat, and push when entering the penalty box, intercepting passes, and preparing to jump.

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Ball control has improved in realism. Players interact with each other in many moments when they communicate, give instructions, or make gestures in tactical settings. This adds to the real feeling that this game is real. The goalkeeper AI has been upgraded to be more accurate. They are now in a better position, scoring goals is easier than before, and match results are much more realistic.

FIFA 22 seems to have moved away from an arcade-style game and the improvements made really help to create a realistic football simulation. FIFA 22 is a little slower than FIFA 21 and has lost some of the arcade-style dynamism that allowed for faster arrivals to opposing halves.

Modifications to the Available Modes

There have been many changes to the game’s modes. Players can now create their own team using the Career Mode. You can even influence the appearance of the pitch they play on. You can insert the team you create into any league they choose and become the owner of the club. Although this is not something that we’ve seen in other simulations of sports, FIFA fans might not be familiar with the more open approach. However, opinions are positive.

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The section Match Objectives was updated to reflect the changes in the matches. These tasks now have more realistic goals and the progression of players through “experience points” is much clearer.