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There are so many pills available in the market today, of the many labels and genres, not many will take you where you want to go. Most and many will simply make you simmer with rage as time goes by since failure and stagnancy will rule the day. If you want to escape the boredom and become a more successful person, then the most advanced and most inescapably powerful pill to use – the best steroid to go for is Trenbolone. With the dosage chart on Steroidio

Trenbolone is the most potent performance enhancing and endurance, stamina and strength building tool you can find in the market. Since nothing beats a good workout and proper reps of good exercises told by an expert trainer, you would be best advised to take the route commonly followed by most successful bodybuilders as well as athletes – work with Trenbolone and do your exercises rapidly, routinely and regularly. You will meet your target in a matter of few days and months. That is one of experiences with the success of our drug.

Trenbolone is one of the stronger anabolic androgenic steroids

Trenbolone is one of the stronger drugs which is a –

  • Anabolic – Anabolic drugs are those that are especially prescribed by physicians for muscle growth and for diseases where muscle wastage is occurring and is a cause of serious concern. Thus, Anabolic would mean a type of drug that promotes formation of new muscle tissue in the bodies varied and complex metabolism, and which also resists destruction of old muscle tissue in the bodies so that the body becomes bulkier and more strong. HIV/AIDS patients are recommended this drug too.
  • Androgenic – Androgenic steroids have a strong and especial word of caution requirement for women users. All women who use this drug may find themselves facing side effects such as virilization and other manly features appearing in general, due to hormonal disbalance.


Virillization is the process in which a person loses estrogen and increases production of testosterone, so that a person who is a female will find herself will sudden appearance of features in her such as baritone voice, facial hair, excessive bodily hair such as one found commonly in men and other such important problems.

Stacking and Cycling

The two common forms of intake control are proven and very successful in increasing the performance of the positive effects of the pills and are known to subdue and many a times totally remove the ill effects attributed to these steroids. Since all of these pills have side effects, it is an obvious point of concern for all the users.

  • Stacking – Stacking is one of the most common forms of ingestion control, in this the person takes the pill along with a combination of another pill or steroid so as to minimise the overall effects of the pills. This method has clinically proven test results that show much better results.
  • Cycling – Cycling is one of the most common forms of ingestion control, in this the person takes the pill for a certain time period and then abstains from taking it for another time period. This type of ingestion leads to a more balanced absorption by the body and makes the pills more effective for use.

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